11. Chart of Octal Codes for Characters

The characters and their octal codes in the Standard and ISOLatin1 encoded fonts are shown in Figure Octal codes for Standard and ISO. Light red areas signify codes reserved for control characters. In order to use all the extended characters (shown in the light green boxes) you need to set PS_CHAR_ENCODING to Standard+ or ISOLatin1+ in your gmt.conf file [29].


Octal codes and corresponding symbols for StandardEncoding (left) and ISOLatin1Encoding (right) fonts.

The chart for the Symbol character set (GMT font number 12) and Pifont ZapfDingbats character set (font number 34) are presented in Figure Octal codes for Symbol and ZapfDingbats below. The octal code is obtained by appending the column value to the \?? value, e.g., \(\partial\) is \266 in the Symbol font. The euro currency symbol is \240 in the Symbol font and will print if your printer supports it (older printer’s firmware will not know about the euro).


Octal codes and corresponding symbols for Symbol (left) and ZapfDingbats (right) fonts.

[29]If you chose SI units during the installation then the default encoding is ISOLatin1+, otherwise it is Standard+.