10. Predefined Bit and Hachure Patterns in GMT

GMT provides 90 different bit and hachure patterns that can be selected with the -Gp or -GP option in most plotting programs. The left side of each image was created using -Gp, the right side shows the inverted version using -GP. These patterns are reproduced below at 300 dpi using the default black and white shades. See Specifying area fill attributes for more information.


Here is the source script for the figure above:

xwidth=0.45	# Width of each box (all units are in inches)
ywidth=0.45	# Height of each box
w=0.9		# Width of two adjacent boxes
dx=0.50		# Amont to translate to the right
dy=0.50		# Amount to translate up
y=0.05		# Initial offset in x
x=0.05		# Initial offset in y
back=-5.20	# Amount to translate to left after 1 row

cat << END > tt.App_E.d
0	0
$xwidth	0
$xwidth	$ywidth
0	$ywidth

gmt begin GMT_App_E
gmt basemap -R0/5.75/0/7.55 -Jx1i -B0
gmt set MAP_FRAME_PEN thinner
for iy in 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
	for ix in 1 2 3 4 5 6
		let p=iy*6+ix
		gmt plot -R0/$xwidth/0/$ywidth -Jx1i -Gp$p+r300 tt.App_E.d -X${x}i -Y${y}i -B0
		gmt plot -GP$p+r300 tt.App_E.d -X${xwidth}i -B0
		echo "0 0.225" | gmt plot -R0/$w/0/$ywidth -N -Sc0.17i -Wthinnest -Gwhite
		echo "0 0.225 $p" | gmt text -R0/$w/0/$ywidth -N -F+f9p,Helvetica-Bold
gmt end show