Common Options



Specify map frame and axes parameters


Select map projection


Specify region of interest


Plot time-stamp on plot


Run in verbose mode


Shift plot origin in x-direction


Shift plot origin in y-direction


Associates aspatial data with columns


Select binary input


Select binary output


Advance plot focus to selected (or next) subplot panel


Replace columns with nodata with NaN

-e[~]“pattern” | -e[~]/regexp/[i]

Filter data records that match the given pattern


Set column content of input or output


Segment data by detecting gaps


ASCII tables have header record[s]


Selection of input columns


Mode of spherical distance calculation


Add an item to the automatic plot legend


Set grid interpolation mode


Selection of output columns


Control 3-D perspective view


Selection of input or output rows


Sets grid registration


Control treatment of NaN records


Set layer transparency


Convert selected coordinate to repeating cycles


Set number of cores in multi-threaded modules


Expect y/x input rather than x/y