(6) Plotting of histograms

GMT provides two tools to render histograms: histogram and rose. The former takes care of regular histograms whereas the latter deals with polar histograms (rose diagrams, sector diagrams, and wind rose diagrams). We will show an example that involves both programs. The remote file fractures_06.txt contains a compilation of fracture lengths and directions as digitized from geological maps. The remote file v3206_06.txt contains all the bathymetry measurements from Vema cruise 3206. Our complete figure was made as a 2 by 1 subplot figure by running this script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Purpose:	Make standard and polar histograms
# GMT modules:	histogram, rose, subplot
gmt begin ex06
	gmt subplot begin 2x1 -A+JTL+o0.8c -Fs15c/9c -M1c
		gmt histogram -Bx+l"Topography (m)" -By+l"Frequency"+u" %" -BWSne+t"Histograms"+glightblue @v3206_06.txt \
			-R-6000/0/0/30 -Gorange -W1p -Z1 -T250 -c0
		gmt rose @fractures_06.txt -: -A10+r -S -Gorange -R0/1/0/360 -Bg -B+glightblue -W1p -c1
	gmt subplot end
gmt end show

Two kinds of histograms.