(3) Orbiting a static mapΒΆ

Our third animation keeps a fixed gridded data set but moves the camera angle around the full 360. We use grdview to generate a shaded-relief image sequence. No additional information is plotted on the image. As before we produce an animated GIF image.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
#               GMT ANIMATION 03
# Purpose:      Make web page with simple animated GIF of Iceland topo
# GMT modules:  grdclip, grdgradient, makecpt, grdview, movie
# Unix progs:   echo, cat
# Note:         Run with any argument to build movie; otherwise 1st frame is plotted only.

if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then	# Just make master PostScript frame 27 (az = 135)
	opt="-M27,ps -Fnone"
else	# Make animated GIF, infinitely looping
# 1. Create files needed in the loop
cat << EOF > pre.sh
gmt begin
	gmt math -T0/355/5 -o1 T = angles.txt
	gmt makecpt -Crelief -T-2000/2000/20 -H > iceland.cpt
	gmt grdclip -Sb0/-1 -Gabove.nc @Iceland.nc
gmt end
# 2. Set up the main frame script
cat << EOF > main.sh
gmt begin
	gmt grdview above.nc -R-26/-12/63/67 -JM2.5i -Ciceland.cpt -Qi100 -Bafg \
		-X0.5i -Y0.5i -p\${MOVIE_COL0}/35+w20W/65N+v1.5i/0.75i
gmt end
# 3. Run the movie
gmt movie main.sh -C4ix2.5ix100 -Nanim03 -Tangles.txt -Sbpre.sh -D10 -Z $opt
rm -rf main.sh pre.sh

Orbiting a static map.