Module Purpose

  Control a GMT modern session
begin Initiate a new GMT session using modern mode
clear Delete current history, conf, cpt, sessions, data or cache
docs Show HTML documentation of specified module or display graphics
end Terminate GMT modern mode session and produce optional graphics
figure Set attributes for the current figure
inset Manage figure inset setup and completion
subplot Manage figure subplot configuration and selection
  Filtering of 1-D and 2-D Data
blockmean L\(_2\) (x,y,z) table data filter/decimator
blockmedian L\(_1\) (x,y,z) table data filter/decimator
blockmode Mode estimate (x,y,z) table data filter/decimator
filter1d Time domain filtering of 1-D data tables
grdfilter Filter 2-D gridded data sets in the space domain
  Plotting of 1-D and 2-D Data
gmtlogo Plot the GMT logo on maps
grdcontour Contouring of 2-D gridded data sets
grdimage Produce images from 2-D gridded data sets
grdvector Plotting of 2-D gridded vector fields
grdview 3-D perspective imaging of 2-D gridded data sets
basemap Create a basemap plot
clip Use polygon files to define clipping paths
coast Plot (and fill) coastlines, borders, and rivers on maps
contour Contour or image raw table data by triangulation
events Plot event symbols and labels for a moment in time
histogram Plot a histogram
image Plot Sun raster files on a map
legend Plot a legend on a map
mask Create overlay to mask out regions on maps
rose Plot sector or rose diagrams
colorbar Plot gray scale or color scale on maps
ternary Plot data on ternary diagrams
text Plot text strings on maps
wiggle Draw table data time-series along track on maps
plot Plot symbols, polygons, and lines on maps
plot3d Plot symbols, polygons, and lines in 3-D
  Gridding of Data Tables
greenspline Interpolation with Green’s functions for splines in 1–3 D
nearneighbor Nearest-neighbor gridding scheme
sphinterpolate Spherical gridding in tension of data on a sphere
surface A continuous curvature gridding algorithm
triangulate Perform optimal Delauney triangulation and gridding
  Sampling of 1-D and 2-D Data
simplify Line reduction using the Douglas-Peucker algorithm
grdsample Resample a 2-D gridded data set onto a new grid
grdtrack Sample 2-D gridded data sets at specified (x,y) locations
sample1d Resampling of 1-D table data sets
  Projection and Map-transformation
grdproject Project gridded data sets onto a new coordinate system
mapproject Transformation of coordinate systems for table data
project Project table data onto lines or great circles
  Retrieve Information
defaults List the current default settings
get Retrieve selected parameters in current file
info Get information about table data files
set Change selected parameters in current file
grdinfo Get information about grid files
  Mathematical Operations on Tables or Grids
math Mathematical operations on table data
makecpt Make color palette tables
spectrum1d Compute various spectral estimates from time-series
sph2grd Compute grid from spherical harmonic coefficients
sphdistance Create grid of NN or distances to nearest points on a sphere
sphtriangulate Delaunay or Voronoi construction of spherical (lon,lat) data
  Convert or Extract Subsets of Data
connect Connect segments into more complete lines or polygons
convert Convert data tables from one format to another
select Select subsets of table data based on multiple spatial criteria
spatial Geospatial operations on lines and polygons
vector Operations on Cartesian vectors in 2-D and 3-D
grd2kml Create KML image quadtree from single grid
grd2xyz Conversion from 2-D grid file to table data
grdblend Blend several partially over-lapping grid files onto one grid
grdconvert Converts grid files into other grid formats
grdcut Cut a sub-region from a grid file
grdpaste Paste together grid files along a common edge
splitxyz Split xyz files into several segments
xyz2grd Convert an equidistant table xyz file to a 2-D grid file
  Determine Trends in 1-D and 2-D Data
fitcircle Finds the best-fitting great or small circle for a set of points
regress Linear regression of 1-D data sets
grdtrack Sample 2-D gridded data sets at specified (x,y) locations
trend1d Fits polynomial or Fourier trends to \(y = f(x)\) series
trend2d Fits polynomial trends to \(z = f(x,y)\) series
  Other Operations on 2-D Grids
grd2cpt Make color palette table from a grid files
grdclip Limit the z-range in gridded data sets
grdedit Modify header information in a 2-D grid file
grdfft Perform operations on grid files in the frequency domain
grdfill Interpolate across holes in a grid
grdgradient Compute directional gradient from grid files
grdhisteq Histogram equalization for grid files
grdlandmask Create masking grid files from shoreline data base
grdmask Reset grid nodes in/outside a clip path to constants
grdmath Mathematical operations on grid files
grdvolume Calculate volumes under a surface within specified contour
  Miscellaneous Tools
gmt2kml Like plot but plots KML for use in Google Earth
kml2gmt Extracts coordinates from Google Earth KML files
movie Create animation sequences and movies
psconvert Crop and convert PostScript files to raster images, EPS, and PDF